Frank James Bailey

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That's right, I'm not only a voice actor I'm also a published author!

I have been writing short stories since high school. Between 1999 and 2005 I was a screenwriter while I was a radio DJ. I wrote 4 features and a few shorts. Nothing ever sold. 

For years I have always had a deep love for comic books, superheros, anything sci-fi and and cartoons. In 2013 I started to develop a superhero named Princess Paige (Paige is my daughter's name). Princess Paige eventually turned into Tercona the superhero. Read more about my books below...

Tercona: Book 1  - Our New Home

"Tercona: Book 1 - Our New Home" is now available! It is a family friendly illustrated novel about a female superhero named Tercona. Story by voice actor and writer Frank James Bailey. Tercona and her mother were born with the ability to create things (similar to the Green Lantern). Tercona was a princess, who didn't want to be a princess anymore, so she fled to Earth with her dad & brother, leaving her evil mother behind. They arrived on Earth in the early 1990s. For over 20 years Tercona used her powers to disguise herself and her family as typical Earth people as they continued to run and hide. By 2014 she was tired of running. At a moment when her family was in danger she became the superhero known as Tercona! Now she fights to protect her Ohio town - and the world - from evil.

Also available:

Tercona: Book 2 - Dr. Q & The Banana Gun

After just a few short weeks of being a superhero, Tercona found out that the gig wasn't just about stopping robbers and saving lives. She soon realized when you're a superhero you're going to have to fight supervillains. Dangerous ones like Dr. Q and her banana gun, a weapon that shots out a beam of green light, doesn't make a sound and sucks the energy out of everyone - including Tercona. Will Dr. Q use the banana gun on everyone just to get her own way of will Tercona be able to stop her?

You can order the book on the website or save on shipping and catch Frank at his next appearance - a comic con, a comic book store, or book signing. Frank will be more then happy to sign the book for you too...if you'd like.