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Calling In Sick?

Posted by frankjamesbailey on October 23, 2013 at 6:00 AM

The past few days have been a little rough for me. I’ve had a sore throat and I haven’t been able to do any voice work.

Now I’m not the kind of person who is looking for a pitty party. I’m here to tell you what you can do if you’re sick or you can’t voice anything for a while.

#1 – I don’t audition for new jobs! For the obvious reason, you can’t do them! If your voice isn’t the same as usual and you audition for a job, the client is going to expect that job to be done! If someone sends me an invite to a voice job I politely tell them I have a sore throat and I should be back in good health in a few days. If they can wait a few days, that’s awesome! If they can’t, I offer them two options. 1) They will have to find someone else to voice the job. Or 2) I can find someone to voice it.

If they find someone else or if YOU find someone else, you stand the small chance of losing a client. Because, what if they really like this NEW person better? If you’re sick, it’s a chance you take. Personally I would rather find someone myself to voice it for the client then to have THEM find a new person. This way I’m just the middle man and I can control the situation.

#2 - Write a blog! I write a blog every week on my web site. Not being able to voice anything has given me the opportunity to write a few blogs and get ahead of the game. Because on rare occasions, I don’t have time to write a blog. I’m too busy with voice work! Since I’m not busy voicing anything right now, I’m busy writing. I now have blogs for the next few weeks!

#3 – Work on updates to your web site. Or at least THINK about what kind of updates you need to make.

#4 – Update your social networks!

#5 – Read a voice over blog and watch some videos tips on voice overs.

I’m sure there are a dozen more things you can do if you can’t voice anything. My point is, stay busy!

But above all, get plenty of rest and rest your voice so you’ll get better as soon as possible. The sooner you get better, the sooner you can get back to work. More than likely you should have a lot of work waiting for you when you get better!

Now let me ask you, what do you do if you work from home and you get sick?


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Reply Nicola Redman
7:36 AM on October 24, 2013 
Good ideas. There's always something which can be done to advance you business while the voice is out of action. In fact, sometimes, it's good to have the restriction so you have to do some other useful things!
Northern Irish voice
Reply Lisa Rice
11:57 AM on October 23, 2013 
Great ideas here, Frank. Having just come off a horrible cold, I found myself implementing several of these myself. It's so nice to sound normal now.