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Google Calender

Posted by frankjamesbailey on June 2, 2016 at 2:55 PM

Google calendar

Being a voice actor, writer, husband and a father, life can be very busy. We are all VERY busy and sometimes it can be over whelming. If you think you don’t have time for it all I have a simple solution for you. Scheduling!

A while back a friend of mine told me about Google calendar. It’s a free toll that anyone with a Gmail account can use. He also told me to get a free desktop timer. Here is how they work together.

First, fill out your Google calendar. Mark off a block of time to do whatever it is you have to do. Do you need to workout or exercise in the morning? Mark off that time. Do you need time to actually DO your work? Mark off that time. Do you need time for your family? Mark it off too.

Now, make each block of time a different color. My VO work time is red, my writing time (for Tercona) is blue, my family time is yellow. You get the idea.

Here is a sample of what my Google calendar looks like.

Now get a free desktop timer. They look like this. The link to my FREE timer is below…

Finally, when you start your work for the day, go to your calendar, see what you have to do and then start your timer. If you mark off only a ½ hour for facebook, then that’s ALL the time you have. Your schedule should be pretty full (like mine) and you have other things to do. So once that timer goes off…YOU’RE DONE!

The timer forces you to be accountable for your time when you should be working. I have to admit, this was a small problem for me. When I finished a voice job I would then check my email. I’d find out that I have a new job. What do they need? I better check facebook too. What did that guy just post? Oh, I don’t think so! I need to respond to that. Oh wait there’s a new cat video on Youtube.

Wait a minute…wasn’t I doing something a ½ hour ago? (Can we say ADD?)

All kidding aside, a timer keeps me on time, the calendar keeps me focused on what I need to be doing and when.

I should make this disclaimer…don’t be a slave to the calendar. For example, I blocked off time to write on Friday. But last Friday I got this new voice job from a long time client that needed to be done ASAP. So my writing had to be pushed aside.

The same can be said for anything else too. Right now my kids are out of school for the summer. Unless I have an important client that I HAVE to call at a certain time, I don’t worry too much about being late for one block of time. I can usually make it up on the back end. Or have someone watch my kids for a few hours while I work.

The important thing is to use the calendar to block off the time you need for the things you need to do and use the timer to stay on time! And believe me, it has helped me out a LOT. For those of you who follow me on my social networks you might have noticed I don’t post as much as I used to. That’s because there is a time for facebook and a time for work.

I’m not going to get much done if I’m watching funny cat videos.

If this tip helped you, please leave me a comment below. Or post a comment on my other social networks too. I might not respond right away anymore because I might be “on the clock”…but I will respond.


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