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How Far Would You Travel?

Posted by frankjamesbailey on November 14, 2016 at 5:40 AM

How far would you travel for your business?


As most of you know I’m not only a voice actor but I’m also a writer. In 2016 I traveled to a lot of places to promote my book Tercona: Book 1 – Our New Home. Mostly to comic cons. I also went to a few book stores and comic book stores too.

I also traveled for my voice over business as well. To Columbus, OH for the Voice Over Pros of Central Ohio monthly meeting.

I live in the Lima, OH area so if I want to go to any of the bigger cities outside Lima I have to drive at least an hour or more.

For my book I’ve traveled to comic cons as far as Indianapolis, IN and Birch Run, MI.

For my voice over business I went to a few Ad Club meetings in Ft. Wayne, IN and Ad Clubs in Toledo, OH too. When I go to an Ad Club meeting it’s all about networking. I pass out business cards in hopes that someone might want to hire.

When I go to comic cons it’s about networking AND selling my book!


I know I get to write off the miles for my taxes but how far do I really want to go for a meeting that might (or might not) lead to a new voice over job? Isn’t it like buying into a voice casting site and NEVER getting a single job off of the site? How far is too far?

The same goes for the comic cons. I would love to go to New York or the big comic con in San Diego someday but will I sell anything? I don’t know for sure. I’ve only been to one comic con this year where I didn’t sell one book. Usually I sell at least 1. Most of the time 2 or 3 at each con. I know I have a good fan following for Tercona so I believe going to a big comic con is worth the risk…someday.


It’s nice that the meetings for the Voice Over Pros Of Central Ohio is in Columbus. They also sponsor a conference called, The Midwest Ohio Voice Over Conference too that is also in Columbus. Like I said, Columbus isn’t that far from me, just a few hours away. Unlike other voice actor conferences that are expensive and several hounded miles away.


Then again, no matter how far those other voice over conferences are some of them contain a lot of great into formation and are well worth the money and the travel time.


Besides, it's ALWAYS good to get out of the studio and network. No matter if it's for a Chamber of Commerce meeting, a meeting for other voice actors or a comic con to meet other writers. Networking is good!

Finally, let me ask you, how far have you traveled for YOUR voice over business? If you’re also a writer like me too haw far have you traveled to promote your book? And was it worth it?


Let me know your answer here on my website or on facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or Tumblr!




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