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Thank You

Posted by frankjamesbailey on January 11, 2017 at 10:25 AM


This website is mostly for promoting my voice over business. Most of the time my blogs are about my voice over jobs and voice over tips.

On the other hand, as most of you know, I am not just a voice actor I am also a published author too. I'd be crazy not to talk about my writing every now and then.

So I wanted to take this time to say - Thank You - to all my fans who have followed me from the moment I started creating Tercona to now.

In the year since Tercona has been publish I have gained a LOT of new friends on Facebook and other social media sites too. A lot of voice actor friends, artists and creators but mostly kids and teens. It's that audience I want to talk to right now.

As a father myself I want to protect my kids but I also want them to have fun. Life is to short not to smile everyday. This is why I never talk about politics or religion.

My fans make great fan art of Tercona like this one from artist named Washkoi (real name Mary Taylor.) Thank's Mary.

Here is more fan art from an artist named Ally. She drew Tercona in her own style. Thanks Ally.

And here is a meme made by a fan. Her name is Kim Green from Columbus, OH. She loves Tercona and ranks her right up there with her favorite superheros. Thank you so much Kim. It's nice to know that you think Tercona is in the same league as Wonder Woman and Kim Possible.

Finally, I want to thank Alter Ego comics in Lima, OH for putting my book on display in their store. I hope to have my book (or rather BOOKS) in more stores in 2017!


I want to make Tercona into a cartoon someday but I know the harsh reality is I am WAY far away from that yet. However, it's YOU the fans who have been there from the very start that will help make this dream come true. YOU help spread the word about Tercona. YOU make great fan art, memes and fan fics of Tercona. It's all thanks to YOU, the fans!

It's your love for this blue haired superhero on a flying surfboard, Tercona, that will help make it into a cartoon....someday.

So to that I say - Thank You!

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