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I Want That...because I voiced it!

Posted by frankjamesbailey on May 11, 2017 at 6:35 PM

I want that…because I voiced it!

This blog is mostly for all my voice actor friends:

Have you ever voiced a job for a client and thought to yourself, "Wait, I think I would really LIKE this product (or service) that I've been hired to promote. I think I'll try this!"

After all, as voice actors, we know we have to make each and every product that we put our voice to sound like the best thing since sliced bread. If we voice a commercial for one weight loss product and 6 months later we voice a commercial for a totally different weight loss product we have to make EACH of those products sound as if we love it and use it all the time! Or at least, that the person using it, should buy it and use it all the time!

However, if a brand new company, with a brand new product, comes to you and wants to hire you has a voice actor for their commercial, have you ever read that commercial and thought…"Hmm? I think I like this product. I WANT IT!!"

Do you really like it? Or are YOU doing your job so well, that even YOU want to but it?

Have you ever bought a product or service (that you NEVER used before) that you were hired to voice a commercial for?

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