Frank James Bailey

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Biography of Frank James Bailey

Doing voice over work and voice acting has always been one of my favorite creative outlets ever since I went to broadcasting school in 1988. When I first started my career, I would find creative ways to make a commercial, promo or voice character stand out and be noticed.

In the late 90's I tried my hand at stand up comedy blending character voice acting with on stage antics.

By 2007, I started to venture out more on my own with my voice over career. Producing radio imaging liners for Internet stations and voicing commercials for new clients.  

In November of 2008 I entered a talent contest in Cincinnati, OH, The Applause Model and Talent competition. In this contest I concentrated more on my vocal ability than what I looked like on the outside. (I know I'm not a runway model). Using my experience with stand-up comedy, I did a lot of ad-libbing with voice characters on stage. At the end of the contest I was excited to find out that talent agencies wanted to talk to me about my voice acting!

Now I perform voice overs for many clients all over the word. Commercials, explainer videos, book trailers, and character work. I work out of my professional recording studio.